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Picture me broken - Skin & bones
"You're so alone. Your sickness feels like home. Find some control, starve 'till you're beautiful. Your reflection's all you're worth."

Nevertheless - Cries in the city
"She's eating this disorder Starving herself. Cause she's starving for attention like it's vital to her health. And she cries, out her eyes. If anyone could see me, could you give me what I need? She takes her pills And it keeps her alive. She takes her pills To fill her up inside."

Rammstein - Haifisch
"und halten uns an Regeln wenn man uns Regeln lässt. Und der Haifisch der hat Tränen und die laufen vom Gesicht. Doch der Haifisch lebt im Wasser so die Tränen sieht man nicht."

Sugarcult - Riot
"We're making something beautiful. Starting a riot . We've got this under our control. Starting a fight."

Smashing Pumpkins - Rat in a cage
"Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage. Someone will say what is lost can never be saved...and I still believe that I cannot be saved "

Slipnot - Duality
"Put me back together or seperate the skin from bones. Leave me all the pieces then you can leave me alone. Tell me the reality is better than the dream. But I found out the hard way, nothing is what it seems!"

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